Language Targeted Traffic – Worldwide and/or by Region

You can target to each Country worldwide, You can target to each language worldwide.

  • Country Targeted Visitors
  • Language Targeted Visitors and more…
Language Targeted Traffic is the traffic with little restrictions:
  • There can be as many as two pop-ups, iframes or videos on your website. You can set the target geo and target language.
  • All traffic comes from direct visits.
  • We are providing real unique ad views to your website, absolutely NO SPAM is used to obtain this traffic.
  • Also used are some abandoned domain names that are still getting a lot of traffic to them.
  • All Traffic is real, they come from different IP addresses and will show you real results.

For this type of targeted traffic we recommend:

  • Your website /webpage should be in the language set on your campaign FIRST.
  • IF you select “ALL LANGUAGES” :
    – You should have a “google translate” or other translator on your page because of the worldwide audience AND/OR links to alternate language versions of your page / website.
    – Your website /webpage is for a worldwide audience IF you select “All Languages”
  • Your main offer, subscription, bonus, free download, product or service is on the url you submit.
  • Your page should be FAST loading and clear and “uncluttered”.
  • Consider your page design as a “billboard” or “action” offer ; which can lead to a orderform directly and/or other parts of your website.

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A free third party real time tracking account will be setup for you to monitor your campaign 24/7.

Your campaign will run until your visitor amount is met. This can vary depending on demand. Smaller campaigns take on average 5-14 days to run , whereas larger campaigns take 30-45 days. This is appoximate and depends on language selected and geo region targeted.

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