Targeted Traffic – By Keyword and Description (no impression or visitor limit)

Every business needs advertising, that’s a fact. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a brand or you work as an affiliate of a brand in a particular niche, you need customers – the sooner the better. Let us help your business grow and you can join the many satisfied customers who enjoy a flow of targeted visitors to their websites each and every day.

Our “Targeted Traffic – By Keyword and Description” traffic packages allows you to set multiple “filters” to get the exact type of traffic and target audience you want. This service combines the best of pay per click search engines advertising WITHOUT the pay per click price as you only pay a flat rate per month – you do not pay for impressions, click-thrus or visitors.

Here is an example of our service VS Google Adwords:

Google Adwords
Cost/Click Clicks/Month Cost/Month
$1.00 100 $100.00
$1.50 500 $750.00
$2.00 1000 $2000.00
* Our Service – Less Then a Cent Per Click
Cost/Click Clicks/Month Cost/Month
0.0833¢ 100 $8.33
0.0166¢ 500 $8.33
0.00833¢ 1000 $8.33

* Based on a 3 Month Term. A one year term has even higher savings.

Your savings may be a lot higher; as some keyword[s] / phrase[s] for Google Adwords exceed $2.00 PER CLICK ; ie “entrepreneur” is $5+ per click, “seo” exceeds $9 PER CLICK, “web hosting” is $20+ PER CLICK on google adwords!

“Targeted Impressions – By Keyword and Description” works like this:

-> Your keyword or short phrase are your first filters – ie ONLY people searching for these will see your ad[s].
-> Then your description / title will determine if the visitor clicks-thru to your website.
-> You DO NOT pay for clicks or visitors or impressions.
-> You only pay a “bulk rate” with unlimited impressions / clicks for a set period of time – either 3 months or 1 year.
-> Your ad[s] will be shown on 1000s of top teir websites every day.

About Your “Keyword[s] / phrase”:

As this is very important:

  • You should select your keyword[s] / phrase[s] carefully.
  • We will review and check the current “demand” for these and make adjustment[s] if required to get the MOST number of people viewing your ad[s] within your target keyword[s]/phrase target audience. IE: “search engine optimization” has 10 times the demand of “seo optimization”.
  • A “Free offer”, “Free Demo”, “Free Sample”, “Free Download” will increase your clicks ; but you should make certain it relates to both your target audience AND the product and/or service you are offering.
  • We also recommened using a SQUEEZE PAGE to generate email lists / subscribers which leads to your main website / web page.
  • Next – your title and description come into play -> these determine your click / visitor rate.
  • We can design a campaign for you – keyword[s] , title and description –  for you if you like ; just contact us.

Simply choose the quantity of visitors for your campaign as well as the target url to which you are interested to send the traffic to (your website) and we will take care of the rest. You can then scale up your targeted traffic too as paid traffic is easily scalable, which is why it is preferred it over free traffic.

Our packages are designed to show results as we deliver only real human traffic based on the settings you choose. You can track our traffic easily using the most common website analytics tools.

Order today and get targeted traffic to your websites now.

A free third party real time tracking account will be setup for you to monitor your campaign 24/7.

All services are guaranteed – With this service; your ad[s]  will continue to be shown for a set period of time – 3 months or 1 year – depending on your choice below ; and there are no limits to number of impressions or click-thrus.

You can also order multiple campaigns – each for different keyword[s]/phrases and/or website[s].